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Collette Goestenkors

Dear Muffler Man,

There are several reasons I drive my vehicles all the way from Richmond, MI to Muffler Man in Lake Orion for auto-repairs, they are:

  1. You walk in and the place is clean!
  2. The staff is prompt and courteous.
  3. The technicians at Muffler Man in Lake Orion treat me respectfully. No one treats me in a condescending manner. They treat me like I know what I am talking about.
  4. My car is their priority.
  5. I'd rather pay for individual attention than be a number.
  6. I feel like I am getting a deal when I go to Muffler Man in Lake Orion.
  7. My husband and I keep our cars a long time, so our mechanic has to be our best friend!
  8. I drive an hour from Richmond to Muffler Man in Lake Orion and will continue to do so.


Collette Goestenkors